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Marionette Marionette Marionette Marionette Marionette

Leden 5, 2016 By In marionette, tillo, wooden figurine

Marionette -Puppets or Marionettes …, there are several types of wooden figurines people used to like to play with and see in puppet theatres as early as in 16th century. Puppeteers or puppet makers, ones played and the others were making puppets, and sometimes these activities intertwined. In both cases we can talk about artists and puppeteering is considered an artistic craft. And this is where our story begins – Ideas, Designs, Creativity 

The 21st century, a time that is surely different but even today we appreciate stories, games and humour. Besides, more and more often we look for closeness of nature, for a companion or a friend, and that’s why we decided to innovate the marionette. New technology and innovation have made it possible for us to achieve these differences that we regard as crucial for our perception and the soul of the wooden figurine of linden named TILLO!

〉 Linden wood – we maintain the unique drawing, smooth texture and lightness thanks to new processes

〉 Olive wood – belly button, nose and joints that are crucial for movement

〉 African Watusi horn – completely natural material for the eyes, “THE WINDOWS TO THE SOUL”

〉 Sanding and polishing – we achieve silky surface

〉 Natural oils – unmistakable scent


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