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Září 23, 2014 By In accessories, cotton, handmade

Accessories -wooden figurine of linden is perfect mainly due to the natural look, as you can see in the Introduction. It was a challenge to create accessories that would be just as perfect, at least, and he would not be ashamed of. We used the best we could at the moment and we searched the market for the best quality fabric to produce accessories. The unique material in question is cotton, more precisely organic cotton. We started work with so much passion that we are now able to introduce to you not only trousers but much more. You can find the ideal introduction of our original design items by Josef at tillo-design!

Unique button

The perfect trousers for the right man with all the details. Using natural horn, we processed a unique button that represents a characteristic element of our accessories.

chic cap

Modern and original caps of various styles complete the overall character and style.

designing bag

The bag was developed to fulfil the most demanding dreams of every traveller. The sleeping bag hidden inside will definitely fulfil these dreams. IT’S THE PERFECT BAG!


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