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Hello world! – Wooden Figurine – Tillo
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Hello world!

Hello world! Hello world! Hello world! Hello world! Hello world!

Květen 31, 2012 By In tillo, wooden figurine

Hello World, On 1st May 2012 the world came to know not only an ordinary wooden figurine of linden but a totally unique linden friend named Tillo. We can reveal that the idea originated in the early childhood of Josef Vyhnálek, who had his own desires and wishes. Because the right man never grows up, he was able to transform the ideas into reality, after long years of imagination and development.

The combination of meticulous work, fine materials and innovation gave birth to the wooden figurine of linden named TILLO!

Why wooden figurine of linden?

The answer is simple – because of the unique characteristics of linden that has the energy to communicate, even react to a person through its seeming simplicity and commonness. It heals body and mind and the frequent references to this tree in mythology are no coincidence. The reason of all these mysterious reactions of the body is the fact that linden collects positive energy from the surrounding earth layers. Energy is vital for human health; some people are less sensitive to it and some more. But, just like light, heat or gravity, this energy gathered by linden trees is important for the body, too.

And because this is not just an ordinary wooden figure of linden, the tree gave him the name Tillo, derived from tiliam, the Latin name of linden.

And, not to forget an important part of the wooden figurine of linden, another living material is a part of its composition. We are going to tell you more about the process of know-how formation related to joint manufacturing another time, however, we will tell you about the result. We found out that the rare olive wood is a suitable material. It works very well together with linden wood as it is more greasy, hard and compact. These characteristics were the building block for joints and its beauty could be used to make the belly button and nose.

These are all the things the wooden figurine of linden named Tillo can be proud of and his abilities will pull you back into life.


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